"Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most... human"

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I put whatever I'm in the mood for though and it's usally art inspirations.


Kili’s first word

inspired by this


|| art trade with adelruna

it took me some time but i’m quite happy with it! i hope you’re happy too, runa. /sweats


some step by step on how i draw simple faces. :—-)


I’ve had the question pop up a couple times asking how I colour, unfortunately I only have the process of a 2012 piece D: I still pretty much use this process now so it still applies lol. Apologies for the copious amount of spelling/grammatical mistakes <: B

Sidenote: check out skoptsy<3 she is the queen of values<3 *A * and needs all zee love <3

So I played Skyrim today and I gotta say I love the physics.

Why is a porn blog following me

━ Ancient tumblr user proverb (via cutemutant)


Okay, some more fanart for the bbcthree zombie show that I currently love very much! So, Simon…I don’t understand how this character can go from a creepy vampire zombie extremist to a cute puppy you just want to protect forever. Just…how.

This kind of goes together with the Kieren one, I am also planning to draw Amy because I feel these works could make a nice triptych! 


Hobo assassin print for Anime Expo which is… this week… OTL I’m trying to cram some last minute new art in… Anyway, I’ll be at table E19, hope to see some of you there!!